Health & Well-Being of Employees – Shift towards providing WELL BUILDINGS

With all empowering organisations across the world moving towards well-being, there has been a steady and significant movement that has seen the providence of spaces by employers for their employees which is very significant for enhancing health. Every company and organization and may it even be a start-up, across the world is driven by its workforce & if the employees are productive, so will the employer organization. Good health of employees is thus of paramount importance in today’s world, and apart from good diet and exercise, the environment where they work and live plays an equally important role. The growing importance of WELL BUILDINGS has led to organisations making efforts towards improving the environment of the office. With an average employee spending about 8 to 10 hours of their time in offices, it is imperative that the work environment provided be taken care of with proper care as it impacts the health of employees on a direct proportion.

The Green Building norms, established as precedent earlier were based on the concept that Buildings around the world consuming about 70% of the total electricity along with a significant contribution of about 40% of the total Carbon Dioxide emissions, it is essential that we pay significant head to the warnings issued by the U.S. Green Building Council. Making buildings more sustainable is the key to better living and the guidelines issued by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) have proved to be instrumental.

In recent times, another important standard, the WELL BUILDING STANDARD, has emerged which not only incorporates all the Green Building and LEED Designs but is also known to make sure that each element of the office is instrumental in improving health variants and limits of the office, that is, the work environment. With the WELL BUILDING institute in the United States of America driving the WELL Building standard along with associated means from the Green Building Organisations, the best practices in design and construction along with wellness interventions and evidence-based health have emerged in all its terminology and use.

How Employee’s health is affected by a Safe Work Environment?

Considering the structure of focus and changing its direction towards prevention of health and well-being issues than the typical curative advice facilitated by post-mortem analysis, is needed. The root of good health lies in the able functionality of different nervous systems such as Immune Systems, Digestive Systems, Endocrine Systems, Respiratory systems, Skeletal systems, Urinary Systems, Integumentary systems, Muscular systems, Nervous systems and the Reproductive systems. With all these systems affected by elements like The NOURISHMENT we have, The WATER we drink, The AIR we breathe, THE LIGHT we are exposed to, the COMFORT of the confines of the office, The FITNESS of the furniture and other accessories that the office supports along with how fresh our MIND can perceive itself to be, based on the environment where work occurs. An example can be seen below which explains in retrospect, the aforementioned points

–    Good nourishing Light and Access to sunlight accounts for endless sources of variation and sensory change. With a concept introduction of Biophilia, which is defined as the instinctive bond between humans and other living systems, the above health element allows for active and passive contact with nature. This element enrichment helps in increasing positive function of Cardiovascular System, Endocrine System, Muscularly System along with the brilliant impact on Respiratory and Nervous Systems. Access to this elements helps in a positive correlation between the body and the mind through sensory basis.

Good lighting is one feature which conspicuously stays absent from many offices these days. This shouldn’t be neglected, as along with other environmental and natural phenomena, light plays a big role in our lives. Adequate resources of the kind are necessary for good respiratory health, as well as for the proper functioning of our cardiovascular system. Good visual health is highly desirable, and adequate light is necessary for the same. All bodily functions are governed to a great extent by our environment, and we here at Arraystorm are committed to well-being of employees, as our well-designed lighting products ensure that they fulfill the objective of providing optimum light for its application-based products and that they are coupled with Intelligent Ethos-Wireless Lighting Management Solutions which are essential in increasing the COMFORT and CONTROL that the individuals can access to themselves and irrevocably adjust to their needs accordingly.

As mankind progresses and strives towards greater harmony and fostering peace among all of humankind, health and wellbeing of individuals become issues of utmost priority. To have healthy people populate our planet, it is important that their habitat or dwelling is itself a healthy environment. Arraystorm is India’s first lighting company which offers all new exciting range of lighting fixtures, and ETHOS- Wireless Lighting Management Systems for WELL building.

Stay tuned for our next blog post which will feature extensive details about one of the Lighting aspects called as Circadian Lighting and how its use can impact your life’swellness both personally and on a professional basis, in productive and efficient ways.

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