ETHOS – Pioneering Intelligence in Lighting

They monitor. They sense. They think. And they respond! That, in a nutshell, is the intelligence offered by ETHOS – Arraystorm’s flagship Lighting Management Solution. These intelligent lights sense your needs and act accordingly. Taking into account the individual’s preferences, environmental factors and data analytics, ETHOS is as close to human as a lighting management system can get.

So, what makes ETHOS the future of workspace lighting?


Living in a Wireless World – Lighting 3.0

From basic phones to automobiles, the entire world is shifting into a wireless space. Lighting systems are no different. Where Lighting 1.0 covered only basic illumination and Lighting 2.0 brought in a certain level of sensing and controls, they were still restricted by the inflexibility of wired systems.

ETHOS brought in the era of Lighting 3.0 and changed it all.

Centralized control is not a new concept to the world of lighting; but integrate Wireless Internet of Things (W-IoT) and Big Data Analytics to it, and you have a revolutionized system for every lighting need in your building.

ETHOS combines smart sensors with cutting-edge machine learning and futuristic design to create any workspace’s lighting needs. With W-IoT, where wire-free devices interact with one another, there are numerous benefits ETHOS has to offer in a workspace:

  • Easy to install
  • Flexibility in managing spaces and configurations
  • Simplicity in operations
  • Easily retrofittable
  • Scalable solution

Moreover, the automation brings in easy scheduling and controls, yet the system is flexible enough to allow an individual to adjust their settings.


From single workstations to full buildings

Perhaps the most attractive feature of ETHOS is its scalability. With ETHOS, you can look forward to centralized control that optimizes illumination for every occupant of a workspace – whether one or ten thousand. As the control remains primarily unchanged, it is easy to scale the system to meet the needs of the whole building.

The requirements of the building are collected and analyzed through Big Data and this is fed back to the Building Management System for finer controls.


ETHOS – the need of the hour

ETHOS is not merely the next gradual step for your workspace’s lighting. It is very clearly the need of the hour. Employee retention has become one of the biggest challenges in any workspace, and individual wellbeing plays a huge role in it.

Every individual has an inherent biological rhythm, called the circadian rhythm, that is attuned to the natural sunrise and sunset cycle of the day.  As the day progresses, the natural light emitted by the sun changes in color, angle and intensity. ETHOS’ circadian lighting system is designed to mimic the same progression. This improves the overall health of the occupant by increasing alertness, enhancing experience and regulating sleep cycles in them, thereby making the workspace human-centric.

Moreover, ETHOS harvests daylight, understands the gaps in existing systems and with centralized control systems offers a staggering saving of 65% in energy consumption.


A healthier workspace, an efficiently-managed building and reduced carbon footprint – the intangible benefits of ETHOS are many. To know more about ETHOS, visit

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